History Of Presidential Candidate Mr. Peter W. Sherrill.

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Peter W. Sherrill, great great grandson of former slaves, from the brutal cotton fields of the Belvedere Plantation, Eutawville, South Carolina, rises from the chains of bondage that once enslaved his ancestors, to now seek the highest office in the land.

His mother who escaped from the brutal fields of the Belvedere Plantation to the “Urban Ghetto” of the Projects in Mount Vernon, New York, believing to begin a new life in the North, only to find a more civilized form of racism, as she found herself now fighting for integration into a segregated school system for her children. Peter, the youngest of three children and the only boy was integrated at an early age, and unfortunately, still encountered the disdain of racial prejudice in his new elementary school in Mount Vernon, N.Y., the city he was born and raised. 

Although he excelled educationally, Peter says, thank God for organizations like the Boys Club then and the YMCA that served as places of refuge for himself and so many of his friends growing up in the Projects of Mount Vernon in the early sixties, especially since his father left after he was first born. According to most statistics, Peter should have been a failure, incarcerated and/or dead, but his mother knew God and made sure Peter knew God also.  

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