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Peter W. Sherrill, great great grandson of former slaves, from the brutal cotton fields of the Belvedere Plantation, Eutawville, South Carolina, rises from the chains of bondage that once enslaved his ancestors, to now seek the highest office in the land. 

His mother who escaped from the brutal fields of the Belvedere Plantation to the “Urban Ghetto” of the Projects in Mount Vernon, New York, believing to begin a new life in the North, only to find a more civilized form of racism, as she found herself now fighting for integration into a segregated school system for her children. Peter, the youngest of three children and the only boy was integrated at an early age, and unfortunately, still encountered the disdain of racial prejudice in his new elementary school in Mount Vernon, N.Y., the city he was born and raised. 

Although he excelled educationally, Peter says, thank God for organizations like the Boys Club then and the YMCA that served as places of refuge for himself and so many of his friends growing up in the Projects of Mount Vernon in the early sixties, especially since his father left after he was first born. According to most statistics, Peter should have been a failure, incarcerated and/or dead, but his mother knew God and made sure Peter knew God also. 

Father to two beautiful children, daughter and son, ages 23 and 21 respectively, one a recent graduate of the University of San Francisco and his son who is in his Junior year at Wake Forest University and is studying abroad in Barcelona, majoring in Mathematical Business and Advanced Spanish Culture and Language. 

Today Peter still hopes and desires a better and truer America will be seen by his children’s generation. Both have been involved with his publishing company, Sherrill Enterprises Publishing and this past summer, his son became the Chief Marketing Officer of the Literacy Division, while his sister was responsible for the development of the Social Emotional Learning component and CEO – A Million Books For A Million Kids Foundation, www.Amillionbooks4amillionkids.org a subsidiary of Sherrill Enterprises! 


Successfully graduating from Mount Vernon High School, Peter eventually attended Elizabeth Seton College in Yonkers, New York for one year, then left to complete his studies at Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Florida, where he graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Management and Economics. Thirty-five years later, Peter completed his Masters’ degree in Public Administration at The College of New Rochelle – New Rochelle, New York. 


Peter spent twenty-five years working in Corporate America, twelve and a half years, of which were spent at Texaco’s Corporate World Headquarters, where unfortunately, he found himself embroiled in a bitter, hostile, Racial Discrimination Lawsuit against the corporate giant. 

Following the backlash from the Texaco Racial Discrimination Lawsuit, Peter found himself working in government where he was appointed Director of Civil Defense/Emergency Services and Natural Disasters for the City of Mount Vernon, in 2003, ultimately specializing in Homeland Security for the War on Terror. 

Peter is also a Certified Trainer in Tactical Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction and has achieved the highest levels of training as Incident Commander in Incident Command Systems and has proudly trained with Police and Fire from all across America! 

In 2006, Peter started his own publishing company, Sherrill Enterprises and published his first book about the Texaco Racial Discrimination in 2008, which has the distinct honor of being in the Schomburg Museum Library! 

Since then, Peter has published Kids various titles – one which Denzel Washington and his wife sat down to do the forward – From the Boys & Girls Club to the NBA – Former NBA Player Lowes Moore’s Autobiography and also a story about 9/11 – One of Thousands, for his fellow colleague who recently died from the respiratory illness contracted from Ground Zero. 

He has published nine titles and authored three books in a ten year period! The titles he has published and authored are: 

The Life of A Black Republican in Trump’s America 2018 

Exodus: Why I Became A Republican 2012 

Black to the Future: From the Plantation to the Corporation The Texaco Racial Discrimination lawsuit 200


Ironically, after the Texaco Racial Discrimination Lawsuit, Peter became so disenfranchised with Black leadership and the Democratic Party, after they extorted millions of dollars from the Texaco Settlement. After nearly forty years of blind loyalty to the Party, He did the unthinkable as an African American in any urban community politically. In 2011, Peter joined the Republican Party, where he found an unprecedented freedom joining the Party God had led him to embrace. 


Now at the age of 62, when not writing or publishing, Peter can be found in the local gym pumping iron, still bench pressing 300 lbs. or taking a nice jog down to the neighboring town and back to his home in Mount Vernon, N.Y., where such highly recognized entertainers like Denzel Washington, Phylicia Rashad, along with the late Dick Clark, Art Carney and Rapper Heavy D. amongst several athletes who played in the NBA, call home! 


Peter William Sherrill, has taken the call to launch the National Write in Vote Campaign, regardless of how unprecedented and unorthodox it may be. His motto – A Divided America cannot and will not ever be a Secure America! His Mission – To Unite & Secure America and make “God Bless America Real Again!”


Peter W. Sherrill, Educated – Intelligent, America Strong!

Friends of Peter W. Sherrill, P.O. Box 437, Mount Vernon, New York 10551