Why I Should be President of the United States

Peter William Sherrill, the Unknown Black Republican is running for President of the United States in 2020 because he is the only candidate who can “Unite and Secure America,” and the only candidate who can guarantee that both Parties will work together in a bi-partisan manner for the benefit for the American People, not Special Interests! 
Sherrill’s extensive background and training in Homeland Security sets him apart from any of the other candidates, Republican or Democrat! He has multiple certifications and declarations from Homeland Security, which makes him look like a decorated general! 
Agencies like the FBI and CIA, who protect us from imminent and immediate dangers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, will never be second guessed by their Commander-in-Chief over any Communist government. 
Sherrill will give our troops the confidence in knowing their Commander-in-Chief will never jeopardize their safety and will activate their service only when there is a clear and present danger. 
Because of his unprecedented experience and training in Homeland Security, Sherrill guarantees that our “Borders” will be secured and it will not take six billion of American Taxpayer Dollars to accomplish this mission! 
Sherrill also has a comprehensive economic plan that will not only revitalize America’s auto industry and revitalize the US Steel, Oil and Gas, and Coal industries, which will create unprecedented prosperity for the American Worker, but will change the “Carbon Footprint” of America and the world! 
One of Sherrill’s deepest concerns is about the treatment of our Veterans upon returning home after they risk their lives for their country. Sherrill has a comprehensive plan for Veterans upon returning back home from combat! “There will not be any homeless or unemployed Veterans as long as Sherrill is our Commander-in-Chief! 
Sherrill is also running for President of the United States in 2020 because this country still remains seriously divided along racial lines. Sherrill believes that he can “Unite & Secure America,” and this is why he knows he is the best candidate for the job, educationally and professionally. Sherrill believes that we must put aside our differences, not only because the terrorists are watching, waiting, and praying to destroy our way of life, but there  are also people inside the Trump Administration who are sworn to fascism, and Sherrill vows to stop them all from destroying our great democracy! Just like our ancestors fought side by side in World War II to defeat Hitler and Nazi Germany, it is going to take that same type of unity to defeat these individuals and terrorists from sabotaging America! “A Divided America cannot and will not ever be a Secure America!” 
Elect Peter W. Sherrill “The Unknown Black Republican” for President and more importantly, your Commander-in-Chief 2020.